Disabled Students’ Allowances (DSAs) are government grants that Deaf students receive on top of their other finances to cover extra costs resulting from their disability. This money can pay for specialist equipment or non-medical (NMH) helpers and there’s a general allowance element, too.

At cSeeker, we have special, regularly reviewed charges for NMH rates for students claiming DSA, with different fees applying inside and outside London. You can see these in the attached PDFs, along with a list of the universities where we work. Talk to us directly about your needs – we want to tailor what we do as much as possible to our students’ needs. (We can also provide a list of non-DSA rates, separately, by email.)

Remember, we’re responsive, operate UK-wide and offer great value. And above all, we’re human!

Download  PDF of our rates outside London

Download  PDF of our rates in London

Download  PDF of the unis and colleges we work with