Deaf Awareness

Our Deaf Awareness training aims to boost your confidence and communication skills when meeting Deaf or hard of hearing customers, or working with colleagues or employees who have a hearing loss.

Our training takes place within a fun, relaxed environment. The presentation is informative and interactive, and is provided by a member of the cSeeker team.


By the end of the presentation, you will have gained an understanding of:

– Deaf culture

– Interacting with someone who is Deaf or hard of hearing

– What British Sign Language (BSL) is

– Basic BSL fingerspelling

– Gestures in Deaf communication

– Basic lipreading


We provide three or six hours of training, including a number of varied activities which will help give you and your staff a strong insight into Deaf Awareness.

If you are interested in booking cSeeker for this training, we are happy to provide it for up to 15 participants. However, if more than 15 people are interested in taking part, get in touch to discuss options.

For further details about the training and quotes, contact us by emailing, go to our contact page or Skype us on cseekerbookings.