Complaints and Feedbacks Procedure

  1. At cSeeker most of our clients are very satisfied with the service they receive and we have made provision for clients to provide compliments on our services. However, like any organisation there are occasions where people feel they would like to make a formal complaint or simply to comment on our services.
  2. Clients who wish to compliment, feedback or complain about cSeeker’ services may either submit details using the form on the cSeeker website, email or write to: 
cSeeker Ltd
, 3rd Floor, 
88-90 John Bright Street, Birmingham, 
B1 1BN.
  3. Clients/Staff are encouraged to provide regular feedback, when they feel this is necessary. This is welcomed at cSeeker as this helps us to provide an improved service.
  4. Feedback can be submitted via our website and is anonymous. If a client/staff member does not wish to be anonymous and would like to provide feedback they are free to do so. Here is the link for both HEI’s and Clients: Form link .
  5. Clients who wish to make a complaint and are unable to submit their complaint through the website or in writing eg because of a disability, should skype call us on ‘CSEEKERBOOKINGS’.
  6. All web complaints, compliments and feedbacks are recorded centrally and sent to the Booking Officer. cSeeker aim to respond within 3 working days of receipt. Compliments are passed to the staff member concerned.
  7. The Booking Officer will investigate the matter and respond to you, the client, within 14 days of send you the acknowledgement letter.
  8. Clients who are unhappy with the response to their complaint can write to the Director at the address at paragraph 2 within one month of receipt of the initial response. The Director will then send a letter acknowledging receipt of the complaint. The Director will then, within 14 working days, investigate and inform you of their decision.
  9. Should the situation arise that the client has exhausted the complaints process at cSeeker Ltd and remains dissatisfied, they should contact DSA-QAG directly.