A taste of Deaf Utopia!

A dancer, the Punk Chef, children’s theatre and a poet were among those present at a special event called Deaf Utopia, held at a performance centre in Northampton last month. And we were delighted to join them.

With more than 20 stalls, the family-friendly day event, organised by Deaf Hub. spread itself over two rooms and aimed to celebrate the very best of Deaf talent.

Alongside the stalls, there were a string of performances from well-known Deaf stars including stand-ups John Smith and Rinkoo Barpaga.

We were delighted to be there to support this important celebration which was also a great networking opportunity for cSeeker, especially because around half of those attending were from the Birmingham area. It was the first time we had attended this annual event.

So we took the opportunity to make new contacts while catching up with existing ones, and to tell people about our services and hand out some of our promotional backpacks.

cSeeker director Guy Orlov says: “It was an excellent day, and we always enjoy being out and about meeting people from across the Deaf community, and those who support them.

“We took quite a few questions from parents on the day. It was especially worrying to hear how many had concerns about the quality of support their Deaf child was receiving. This is something we hear time and time again when we are at events like Deaf Utopia.

“All in all, it was a brilliant way to meet people. We are already very much looking forward to next year.”